Coorg’s groundwater level back to square one?

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Coorg or Kodagu, a district in Karnataka witnessed one of it’s worst floods last year. The devasting incident of the flood, when flood waters swept through the Cauvery catchment area and the rivers overflowed, there was a hope that this year’s agriculture may not suffer from water shortage. Contradicting the assumptions, groundwater of the district is falling and the water in reservoirs is being stored primarily for drinking purposes only 1.The authorities have not been encouraging irrigation using the water stored in the reservoirs.

The decline in groundwater level is not only a case in Coorg, the groundwater level depletion all over India is estimated to be 61 percent between 2007 and 20172. The alarming rate of decrease in Groundwater levels has pressurized many government authorities and decision-making agencies to implement strict regulation in the extraction of groundwater. One of its kind has been implemented in Maharashtra. The ordinance implements strict regulation over the extraction of groundwater and also will introduce efficient methods to preserve it.

Groundwater draft can be estimated using AMBHAS (Assimilation of Multi-satellite data at Berambadi watershed for Hydrology and land surface experiment), a project developed by a team constituting of hydrologists from different premier institutes of India which also includes Sat Kumar Tomer, CEO of Satyukt Analytics Pvt. Ltd. Estimation of groundwater draft would enable government and other policy-making agencies to implement efficient regulations on the extraction of groundwater.


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