Monitoring Crop health using microwave remote sensing

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First published on November 15, 2018

Crop health is dependent on Agro-hydrological factors such as soil moisture, soil type, Rainfall, evapotranspiration etc. With the emergence of satellite sensors, these parameters that influence the health of the crops can be monitored and analyzed in near real time. Detecting how these parameters vary over time helps to predict the changes in the health of the crop well before the condition worsens and thus helps to adapt different agricultural practices for the betterment of yield. The required spatiotemporal resolution of the satellite products used in the study is obtained by integrating multi-sensor data with an algorithm developed at Satyukt Analytics Pvt Ltd, as most of the satellite products have compromised spatial or temporal resolution.

VATI (Visualize Access Tools Insight) is a web-based interactive map developed at Satyukt Analytics Pvt Ltd in an attempt to make hydrological data easily accessible and understandable to researchers and public. VATI helps in Visualizing, accessing and analyzing satellite estimated agro-hydrological variables in near real-time at customizable spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions with the aid of a user-friendly web interface which can be accessed globally. It also enables access to historical data since 1975. The proper monitoring and analyzing of these agro-hydrological variables would help in precision agriculture.

VATI operates in 4 modes:

  • Visualize:In this mode the user can visualize spatial temporal variation of agro-hydrological variables in the form of maps.
  • Access:In this mode the user can order reusable data sets or finished products according to their requirement in customizable spatial and temporal resolution
  • Tools:In this mode the user gets access to some hydrological tools developed by our technical team.
  • Insight:In this mode the user can analyze temporal data (agro- hydrological variables) graphically.

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About the author: Catherin Sebastian

The author is a research enthusiast, she has completed her M.Tech. in Remote Sensing and GIS, from NIT Warangal. Her expertise includes the application of microwave satellite remote sensing for providing the solutions in Water Resources and Agriculture.

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